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EPing to EBF- major engorgment :-(

Since DS2 was 2 days old I have been EPing for him due to latch issues. I have a major oversupply, which was great for pumping. I was pumping 50-60oz per day, almost 3x what he was eating! I would stillt ry to nurse and it finally paid off! He has been EBF the past few days and I'm thrilled. But now I'm starting to hate my oversupply. I'm having major engorgment issues and he's gagging and choking. The LC I saw told me to continue pumping 3-4 timesper day but I don't think I can do that and haven't been. He's soaking his diapers, pooping more, and sleeping awesome. I pump for comfort but have a feeling that's gnna come back to bite me.

How can I reduce my supply and make baby and me more comfortable???

ETA: he'll be 11weeks on Monday

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