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Re: FedEx and USPS: The forces of stupidity unite!

I've had to stop using my PO box number for any shipment that I wasn't CERTAIN would go UPS or USPS. FedEx to my PO Box means that it will sit for a week or more at a hub 90 miles from me before being transferred to the USPS. It then gets to my PO overnight. I think it's the transfer that messes things up. The USPS is always fantastic in my parts, as is UPS.

FedEx is another story. I've had 4 packages in the last year be delivered to completely wrong addresses (once in a whole other town), even though the addresses were clearly marked on both the package AND the houses they were delivered to.

And at least once a month they won't even TRY to deliver it even though it's marked "out for delivery". They just reschedule it. I think we're in the "no man's land" between two FedEx hubs and neither driver wants to come this far if they don't have to.

I hate FedEx and anything associated with them.
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