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Would the minipill or Weight Watchers affect my supply?

DD is 8 weeks. She is a champion nurser. My supply has been great.

I started the minipill almost 2 weeks ago.
I started Weight Watcher 4 days ago. I still seem to be eating plenty, just cutting out any excess junk.

She slept about 7 hours last night for the first time, and I was not engorged in the least, which is very unusual for this age, I expected to be hurting and leaking after about 3-4 hours. This concerns me.

She has also been fussier than usual (she is super mellow, it doesn't seem like a growth spurt) and her sucking doesn't sound like normal.

Both the minipill and WW are supposed to be okay during breastfeeding, but I'm wondering if one of them is the problem. Any thoughts?

FTR I have no problem ditching the minipill, but I'd like to keep up the WW.
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