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Re: Lanolin spray?

Originally Posted by firststella View Post
So if I understand well, the thing is that the wool wash helps the solid lanolin to melt well? Would it actually melt better than just heating the lansinoh in water? So I would still use lansinoh tube and I would get a wool wash bar to use with it?
Thank you, you help a lot!
Yes, that's it exactly....the small amount of soap that is in wool wash, wool wash bars, and wool wash bits, helps to "break up" the lanolin, so it distributes well in the water, and can be sprayed out rather than clumping up in the bottle, and clogging up the little "hose".
And, before I got the wool wash bits, I used little shavings of wool wash bar, so I think that would work great! Just the lansinoh tube lanolin, and then the shavings/little chunk off the wool wash bar, and shake it up in hot water.

The hot water causes the lanolin to melt, but like I said, you really need it MORE than just need it "broken up" so it can be completely mixed with your water in the bottle and spray out easily.
I will actually microwave my spray bottle (unscrew the spray lid, just do the bottle)...for a little bit to re-melt any lanolin if I haven't used it in awhile, and then replace the lid/spray handle, and shake it up again, and you're good to go!
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