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Re: headaches during pregnancy

Originally Posted by bradleymama View Post
Thanks for all your support and ideas! I've tried tylenol, sleeping, eating, etc, and nothing seems to provide relief other than just waiting for it to go away. I'm anxious to try the I need to specifically get the migraine one or will anyone do? Do you just put it on your forehead?
I think there are only 2 or 3 kinds of well patches. I have only tried the migraine one so that is the only one I can vouch for. I think they may have 2 -- one for 4 hour relief and 1 for 8 but I am not sure. Just look at the boxes and pick the one that sounds best for you. One side is sticky and you peel off the backing and can put it on your forehead or the back of your neck. I always put it on my forehead because it falls off the back of my neck faster than it falls off my forehead, probably because my neck has all those little hairs on it and my forehead doesn't. It feels cool on you forehead and smells a little mentholated and it is great! When you open it, there will be a pouch with 2 wellpatches in it. Don't forget to fold down the top of the pouch where you tear it open twice to preserve the second one. HTHs
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