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Re: Nov Chat - Aug '11 babies

Originally Posted by heyuitsme View Post
lol, Fletchers (my side of the family) are notorious ice cream eaters. like ice cream nearly everynight before bed. right now it is just easier to not have it in the house at all. I don't need the temptation.
LOL that is my family!!!!

When dh and I were first married he got mad at me that I did not wrap the ice cream in foil after opening before I put it away. Apperently it prevents freezer burn and he was shocked I did not know that being I ate so much ice cream. I had to explain to him that I ATE ice cream I did not store it and it usually did not make it back into the freezer after I opened it. We both had to agree to disagree bc he was like "who eats all the ice cream in one sitting?" and I was like "Who eats only half the ice cream and puts it back?"

Jen--Yeah for gyms and buddies!!! And what are walking wings we may need them here.

So peyton who walks holding on to things and stand up by herself soes not walk. WHY? BC when she stands up all by herself not holding on to anything and no help goes hysterical laughing and falls. It honestly is the cutest thing I ever saw and it does not help that I go hysterical laughing when she does it.
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