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Sorry I hit send when I didn't mean to...anyway since my second LO was born its gotten worse...I am changing a super tampon and pad every hour for at least the first three days and in pain for an entire 7 days. My doctor put me on the pill and it didn't help. Even when I would be, even an hour, off from taking it I would bleed for the whole month. They did a U/S and found a polyp in my uterus. I had a D/C done to remove it and all of the tests came back normal. My periods have steadily gotten worse. The Dr.s are trying to talk me into the Mirena but the side affects and the probability of it even working to help make me not want to do it. Has anyone here had any problems with it? Or if you had problems before did it help? I'm scared that my only option at this point is to take drastic measures but I'm not ready to take any steps that would make it impossible for me to ever have kids again...anyone have any experience or advice for me at this point?

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