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Re: sleep help!

We have the same "problem". My daughter will very rarely sleep without my nipple in her mouth. I will remove it as gently as I can and she will wake, root, and then cry. She, too, has a very sustainable cry. It can take upwards of two hours of crying, whining, and unhappy squirming to get her to sleep without nipple. Bottles or pacis don't work.

I will probably end up disassembling her crib and just admit I need to bear through cosleeping. It hurts. My shoulder screams by morning, and my back and neck hurt too. I also have a naturally hard time falling asleep so I usually lounge in our chair until i'm tired enough to fall immediately asleep. We start with baby in the middle then I move her to the edge between myself and the bed rail when hubby goes to work. I get 5-7 hours sleep a night and I can function fine on 5 so it is mostly working out.

It IS frustrating. Nights are long and it bothers me that I'm "wasting" hours that could be spent crafting/organizing/etc but I know it well be worth it in the long run. I just tell myself that this is my daughter's way of forcing me to relax and just spend these moments treasuring her - when I'm nor thinking of how uncomfortable I am.

What helps immensely for me is that I get some stretching or light yoga in whenever I manage to wake before she does. I'm a little overweight so I can't do much yet, but what little I can do makes a huge difference. Good luck to you!
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