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I always want to do something really elaborate but end up getting too excited to wait. For my first, I sent him a picture of the test to his cell phone when he was at work. I was out of town, so I thought it would be best since I couldn't be there to tell him in person. Second time, I took the test, got a squinter and had him look. He said we should be "cautiously optimistic", well that made pregnant hormonal me really annoyed. I marched back in with a digital test I was saving for a special occasion. Then there was no question! This time, I asked him to come right home after work instead of going to help his mom as planned. I met him in the front yard, and told him to close his eyes and put out his hand. I will always remember the look on his face. Total confusion, then surprise, then gleefully happy. He said it felt like a pen. Interestingly, I had been to the doctor a week before for infertility... So... It was a real shock for both of us!!
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