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Re: Help with 7yo school issue?

Hmmmm...that is odd that she doesn't have email. Is it a public school? If so, you can go on the school's website and look it up. I can't imagine a teacher in this day and age not sending out a million emails to parents. It is fastest, easiest way to make sure parents get information!

If not, I would call or send a written note on Monday morning. IMO, if you have a concern, it is their job to talk with you.

Honestly, we are not allowed to submit a referral to the office without having contacted a parent first. What happened with your son would be against procedures in our building. How we work...teacher writes up offense, teacher contacts parent letting parent know what happened, and alerts parent that an admin write up was filled out, and then admin handles it and they contact parent to let parent know what they did. I would be formally reprimanded for turning in something without having contacted a parent. We have to document phone number called, date and time of call, and who we spoke with.

I know each school is different, but IMO, if it was on an official referral form, parent contact should be made.
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