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I don't normally post around here, so thank you in advance for any help/advice/insight you can offer!

Short background: DD was a miserable baby starting at about week 2. She did nothing but scream and cry any time she was awake and feedings were stressful. She got to the point of only drinking about 2oz at a time (at 5 weeks old) and then screaming her pretty little head off and the peds clinic said I needed to take her to the ER if she was crying for more than 2 hours and was unconsolable. I did. They assured me nothing was wrong with her. Insulted my parenting. And I KNEW there was something wrong. I went the next day and bought Alimentum per the rec of my friend and w/in 24hrs I had a new baby. A few weeks later finally someone listened to me about my suspicions of silent reflux. (but not before she lost weight and had a horrific day of fighting to only get 8oz into her) Got zantac. She started eating better. Just after her 2mo appt. she started passing a lot of mucus in her stool and having very frequent watery stools. Took her in. They tested for everything under the sun and found nothing. Gave me a GI referral since it hadn't cleared up. It finally did clear up. Then I finally got in to the GI. Just in time for the mucus to reappear. GI thinks that it's still an allergy to either the milk or something else in the formula. Also says the zantac dosage was so not enough and upped that. And advises us to switch to Elecare. We were headed out of town today so she gave me 4 cans to try out. Once we're back home I'm suppose to call and if things have gotten better she will start the paperwork to try to get WIC to cover it, if they haven't we'll figure out where to go next. DD also is up and down on the weight gain. When the mucus started, she lost 10oz in a week. Prior to that she had one other loss that I'm aware of. She's just now 11lbs at 3 months old and she was born 7lb 13oz. GI says she should have gained ideally 2lbs/month, so she's not thrilled with her lack of weight gain. [Okay I guess that 'short' got *long*, sorry.]

So, I'm wondering - have any of you had babies with allergies when there is NO history of alleriges in the family at all? I honestly can't think of a single person in either of our families with allergies. The only thing there is history of is Chrons disease, but it's not in our immediate family.
Secondly - Have any of you had success transitioning to regular foods and dairy products after a year old when you've needed to go as far as AA based formula?
Does anyone know if WIC in Virginia will cover Elecare? And if so do they cover as much as needed? I've read that they in certain states they only cover like 3 cans for 3 months. Or if Tricare does (DH is active duty)? We SO cannot afford to spend $400+/mo on formula It honestly would.not. be possible for us.

DD is generally a happy baby. The issues don't seem to bother her to be honest. But getting her to eat is stressful. I can get 20oz. max into her through the day. And most times it's not a calm feeding, it's kicking legs and squirming and turning her head. I'm hoping w/ the correct dosage of zantac and the new formula this will get better. And I thank you for reading all of this and for any help you have

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