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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

sweet babes! I love how the last one is a little fluff ball. LOL Love the look of the cochins but the feather footed gals just don't do well out here in our intense dry heat. Food coloring, now that is a great idea! I wasn't sure how I was going to get you an egg from my wyandotte gals without totally stalking them. Now I know! I swear I can't tell most of the brown eggs apart anymore! I'm getting excited to see our chicks. The eggs are pretty dark now, they are growing fast and their air cell looks great. Connor and dh watched as I candled one today and we could see the little baby swimming around in there.

Daisy is hanging in there. She ate so well yesterday that we tried giving her another spoonful of food last night and while I was sitting on the chair knitting she threw it up and slipped or got vertigo.. or something. It was awful to see her collapse. I got to her about the same time she finally got her feet back under her and went and laid down. We've decided to put her down next week end. She's not in horrible pain but we both agree she's not happy in life anymore.
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