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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

Thanks Marie!
I bet you'll have more movement, daily, in another week or 2
I love the wake-up wiggles just kinda wish I didn't have to wake up at 5:30 or 6am to catch them!

Thanks Ingrid - I'm glad I didn't sound crazy for feeling less anxious simply because of turning right instead of left!
Sorry about the tummy pains - can you take any laxatives? (I'm picturing those red liqui-gel ones they give you postpartum, but can't think of the name)

She is beautiful! Love those big eyes and those lips!!
Thank you for popping in!

AFM: Got to my official first prenatal this morning - weight is... well, weight... my bp was lower than yesterday but still a bit high for me, fundal height is right on at 18cm, and Hiccup's hr was 145 - and he really doesn't like the doppler. We "caught" him a couple times pretty good (got one really good "horse galloping" hb, kwim?) and each time we got a good spot, he'd squirm and kick away - the Dr said he's "naughty"

DH called me when he got home - the u/s dept called and wanted to set up my appt, so I got the number and called them. First off, the girl who I spoke to actually sounded like a person - not just a cold clinical tech. She mentioned that they need a full bladder, but made a point to say that the major hospital (where I've gone before and don't like) is ridiculous and that there's no need to drink even half that amount. So, I'm a little hopeful that things will go smoother there, with DH with me and all that.
And, got it booked for next Friday It seems so soon... but once it's over we will just know. Then we can deal with whatever we find out.
Any are definitely appreciated!
I'm hoping just a couple weeks is all I need for more thumps! 5am? No thanks haha. Smidget (DS1) was a morning wiggler and Deagan (DS2/loss) was a night wiggler so I want to see what this baby does. So far it's too sporadic to tell

And YAY for first appointment and HB and scheduling that appointment. GOOD LUCK and I'll be praying.

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