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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

I'm sorry Liz. At least the pain hasnt gotten out of controll. I took poor Kora in before most would have. She would wake up screaming and even wouldn't let me touch her to calm her so i'd just lay beside her. A tumor popped up beside the anus and I knew it was time. Ya know, only those times at night was she visually in pain. I kew there was a huge problem when i lanced the tumor and it was muscle, yes I numbed it and knew what I was doing. It was a sign of later stage cancer. She was showing signs of having issues passing stool. I couldn't let it go further. I would have done anything for one day with her. I just couldn't be selfish. I did it for her. Thanks the Awsome Heavenly Father I did it when I didn. The euth didn't take becaus ethe cancer had ravished her insides and lungs. Not allowing the meds to infuce properly. Because it was such a bad case, the vet let me have the room alone with her for quite some time. They told be before to say my goodbyes before because they only had 2 rooms. The vet was also forced to watch her thrash and gasp for almost the full 5 mins and even she was in tears and shocked. Of course she let us have the room as long as possible.

Like another Moma said, it takes a kind heart to let an animal go and prevent suffering. Liz.

On a little happier note, Cayden won the chicken chick contest, he got a chicken book and a dog one. He is gonna be extactic!

Ray took Meg potty before he came to bed at 3 am and spooked the dang ferril cat. It was hunting again. So nothing in the trap yet.

So the huge question, is anyone elese signing up for the byc hatchalong? Gonna have to explain this one, hehe. I'll just do a few.

Now I just need to get some pipetts to do the food coloring, lol. Hope Tink is laying well by then because she is awsome quality!
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