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Well, this is a second loss in less than 3 months for me. I thought I was being smart by seeing an OB just 15 dpo but sadly I made the mistake of picking the wrong one. The baby stopped developing at 4w 4d which I knew because my symptoms abruptly disappeared on Monday. I spent 3 days fighting with the nurse and receptionist at the clinic before I was able to get my lab results which showed my progesterone was just 9.1 which the nurse felt was "in range". After demanding progesterone the doctor ( who I was NOT allowed to speak with) prescribed me 200 mg Prometrium once daily orally. More or less to shut me up I'm sure because that dose taken orally was a joke in my case.

I was able to get into a new clinic Thursday morning but i knew it was too late. The wonderful doctor tried to find at good news but there was none to be found. The sac was measuring just 2mm and there was no fetal pole. Thus she offered to prescribe me Cytotec which I did use as soon as I got home. Rather than using all 4 at once though I used them 1 at a time and spaced them out 2 hours apart. There was no need for me to use 4. That stuff is VERY powerful and I wasn't willing to risk my cervix with all its scar tissue.

The miscarriage itself was very easy for me and I got all clear via ultra sound yesterday from my doctor. The kicker is that she suggested I wait 6 months before trying again. I almost cried. I am turning 36 in 2 weeks and up I until these 2 back to back pregnancies I have NEVER had an easy time getting pregnant. All of our girls are naturally spaced at 15, 7 and 2.

I'm off to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.... So hopefully I shall join this board once again with better results. Good luck to all

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