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Originally Posted by mjg2043
We are super super blessed. Regardless I will always carry insurance. You never know what can happen and I firmly believe insurance clients get better care and have more options. Regardless if that is fair it is true.

We pay $1200 a year for our family coverage. We have a $250 deductible and it pays 90%. We can go anywhere and see anyone. It's amazing.
That sounds like an awesome plan! We were so fortunate and blessed with the insurance we had when dd was diagnosed, it just stinks that they were more interested in making MORE money than helping clients.
We have a super wonderful fantastic primary (who happens to be my OB) that is concerned with patient care and has only charged about 30% for cash patients. DDs oncologist never charged us for when we had to go in to have her NG tube replaced every week when she would rip it out.
I think these reasons are why we are ok with not having insurance for our family that are typical people who rarely get sick. If we weren't blessed to have such wonderful Drs and if we had a great insurance plan we may feel differently.
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