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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I wasn't bashing Ohio. Ohio is a lovely state, I have friends and family there, and we had thought about moving there before. I was simply saying they aren't the friendliest of places to birth at.

Yes your view is going to be different because you work with sick people. I work with, mainly, healthy moms. While *I* am a more crunchy person, I am not a crunchy birth professional. And I think that is what people who don't understand doulas or midwives think, that our work is crunchy, but it's really not. All of the certifications (and I do have a medical background from college) are comprehensive so I can work in any setting with any type mom. Homebirth, hospital, unmedicated, epidural, and even with c-section moms. I think if Doulas are as bad as some think they are then hospitals wouldn't allow them nor employ them. Some hospitals don't, but its few and far between.
In the instance of my assuring the nurse that my client was in labor, JenntheMomma is correct; it was for reassurance for my client and I said it with a smile on my face. My job as a doula is to be reassuring and helpful. I understand why some doulas wouldn't say anything like that in the same situation, but when a woman has been dealing with contractions for 5 hours, comes to the hospital, and a nurse tells her half a dozen times that she's probably not in labor....I felt like saying something reassuring was more likely to help her relax and labor to progress than keeping silent. I didn't say anything about the mom needing to be checked; it's common to check at this hospital and the mother knew that. I just reassured the mom that she was in labor so that she wouldn't be worry about being sent home, as the nurse was suggesting (without any information).
And if a nurse says that mom must submit to something that the mom has stated (like on a birth plan), but it's just a normal labor with no issues, darn right I will tell mom when the nurse leaves that it's her right to refuse if that's what she wants, but I will support her in whatever decision she makes. It would be great if doulas didn't have to worry about this, or if mothers could trust that everything the hospital staff wanted to do was in her best interest, but it's just not the world that we live in, and it's not the hospital that I usually attend births at.
Sorry if that makes doulas look bad to you, but I make no apologies for supporting a mom in her wishes even if it's not always what the staff wants for her.
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