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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
Keeping you in prayers, Elena.
Thank you Andrea.

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
I'm hoping just a couple weeks is all I need for more thumps! 5am? No thanks haha. Smidget (DS1) was a morning wiggler and Deagan (DS2/loss) was a night wiggler so I want to see what this baby does. So far it's too sporadic to tell

And YAY for first appointment and HB and scheduling that appointment. GOOD LUCK and I'll be praying.
Yeah, 5-6am is no bueno for the partying. This morning I woke up bummed out because apparently I was so tired last night (I assume it was a lot of the stress and anxiety relief that exhausted me so much... and this crap cold I have coming on) that I slept through the night - yay for sleep, boo for missing the party
I bugged Hiccup, trying to wake him up and get kicks. I did succeed in getting him moving... but instead of kicking me, he rolled over (I think he'd had his back to my back, as I could feel the bumps of head and bum (though still can't tell them apart just yet) but no line of back/side). Anyways, he rolled over and SHOVED out against my belly - it was so hard and so strong, it actually hurt! Turd.
I left him alone after that

Thanks Marie!

Originally Posted by happymama1 View Post
Elena-- praying for you!
Thank you!

AFM: I forgot to say in my post yesterday - while at the appt I did find out a couple things/results from all the testing with Elli.
There was a letter from either the OB or the geneticist that said they suspected her of having congenital myo dystrophy. This we all ready knew, had learned at the first appt with them. I don't know if this was their final diagnosis for her or not. I should ask him next time for a copy of it - I would like to add it to the papers I have for her (does that sound really strange? maybe).
The results of DH's and my karyotypes were there - both were normal, no abnormalities or whatnot. So that's a good thing.
There was nothing about my own specific test for myo dystrophy - I am assuming it wouldn't be "lumped together" with the karyotyping results. And there was nothing on the amnio we had - we are assuming it was inconclusive, because of how long she had all ready been dead when we did it, but I assume there would be results confirming that somewhere out there.

I'd like to get those other results as well, so we'll see if we can request them or track them down. It's not a dire "needed right now" thing, though, just that I'd like to have them for my own knowledge, kwim?
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