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Nipple pain

Almost 2 weeks ago i had some clogged ducts in my left breast, and the only way i can ever clear them is by pumping and massaging really hard. So like i've done in the past i pumped and pumped and massaged and massaged..... My breast is sore and hurts but i feel like i got the clogs out. But my nipple was sore, at the time i just figured it was from all the pumping.

So almost 2 weeks later it still really hurts and idk why. It burns like crazy when he latches on, the pain gets a little better after he latches but it still hurts. It also hurts if he pulls back even just a little or if he massages or rubs my breast, which he does a lot when he's falling asleep. My nipple dosn't look any different, it's not red or anything. So what could be wrong? I think the obvious would be thrush but i've never had it so i'm no sure. I checked baby's mouth and didn't see anything in there. I called my doctor yesterday, but of course she won't be in the office until monday, and i've had enough of it hurting
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