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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Elena that makes sense to me that you'd want the papers. Not strange at all.

AFM-I'm already on Miralax and a super high dose of Magnesium (the Magnesium dose alone would make me have horrible diarrhea without the Zofran!). Need something stronger though apparently. I am sure the fact that I am still not holding down much liquids (food is better) and because I am so exhausted am not moving much is contributing but none of these can really be changed. Oh well. And my baby apparently had a BIG growth spurt because I couldn't find him/her in the usual spot this morning with the doppler and then found the hb a good 2" higher up! Which is now midline to my belly button so baby is officially out of my pelvis!
I'm glad it doesn't sound strange to someone. I don't know if some people would think it morbid? Or kinda "beating a dead horse"? But I want to have everything I can from our time with her - I won't have school report cards and pictures and drawing, all I have to gather are these papers and reports.
I'm sure my Dr won't have any issue with me asking - he's very open with me, letting me have copies of many things that some Drs would likely say aren't necessary for me to have.

Hmm... I bet it is because of those factors - less fluid intake and activity. Hope you can figure something out to help
for a growth spurt! That's right on track for "popping" up out of the pelvis
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