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I'm hoping the dr an I get along well when I go to the appointment. He has an 11% cs rate alone and the other office has a 20% rate among 4 drs including repeats. I don't know if the other one includes repeats. I'm just scared I'm gonna pick the wrong dr and go through a nightmare delivery again. I'm gonna be very honest with him about what I want and hope he stays on board with it. I talked to the nurse for awhile and explained my last birth, emergency c/s. She assured me that he would not consider that situation an emergency so that's comforting.

I didn't think about doing a 3d u/s so early. I figured they were just to see the baby later in pregnancy. That's a good idea, I think we'll do that. We do have a pregnancy center here that does free u/s but I feel like they're just for women considering an abortion, ya know? A friend recommended me to one when I was pregnant with my son and a counselor came and spoke to me abortion and adoption. It was awkward.
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