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Re: WDYT? Payment to a MW who dropped me at 40+ weeks/MW who picked me up? UPDATED

Originally Posted by MommyLyssa View Post

I mean, obviously not all of it, but she did the birth, which is kind of a large part...and also all the PP visits.

So sorry about that mess, btw. Don't normally hear MW issues! I mean, obviously there are some, but goodness.

Except about not normally hearing about MW issues - I've had bad experiences with all 4 local MWs, with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies.

Originally Posted by WannaBeGreen2011 View Post
We changed doctors over halfway through my pregnancy but only got back about 10% of the payments I paid the first doctor (ante-natal + delivery costs) and still had to pay the second doctor her full fee (ante-natal + delivery + post-partum care). My first doc did NOTHING for us yet we paid her a hefty chunk of change.
How in the world do they charge you for all that stuff upfront?
Noone can see the future, makes more sense to charge/pay as you have appts/tests/etc.

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
Unless OP got the 2 week late plan in writing, MW1 could say she dropped her for refusing treatment recs. Her word against OP. Unprovable for OP without documentation.
Unfortunately, the records are filled in by the MW and she can word things (or "omit" things) as she decides. BTDT.

Originally Posted by kannondicarpo View Post
Yes, she was uncomfortable from the beginning but I didn't really realize what a BIG problem it was until I felt like it was too late to do anything about it.
I would categorize her as a "MEDwife".
I am glad it all worked out the way it did for ya!

I don't know why she wouldn't have just been either upfront with her opinions and said "I am not comfortable with you going late" from the get-go, or just kept her mouth shut as to her opinions and listened to you as the patient and done what you were asking - if she was asked for her opinion, then she had a place to voice it.

She makes my OB sound like more of a MW than her
With Levi, I told my OB from our first appt (which didn't happen until 35 weeks anyways) that I was planning for a VBAC. He never said a word against it. When I reached 39+ weeks, I told him I wanted to let my body take its time, so I would go to 42 weeks and then induce if nothing happened before. He just said okay. When I reached 41 weeks, he did request that I come in every couple days through that week for NSTs and possibly an u/s based on the NST. Which, at that point, I was fine with.
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