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Originally Posted by luvsviola
We have an HSA. DH's company couldn't afford the traditional PPOs anymore, and does not offer it. We pay the first $8,000 for anything that isn't preventative care. Preventative care is free. After $8,000, everything is free. We manage to hit the deductible every year.
We, too, have a HDHP/HSA. I LOVE it.

We pay $960 in annual premiums and contribute to an HSA. Our max annual contribution (set by the IRS, I believe) is something like $6200, but our annual health ins in network deductible is $3100. ALL preventative care is covered 100% and everything is covered either 90% up to a certain $ amount (and then covered 100%) or always covered 100% after we reach our deductible.

It's a really, really good insurance choice for families who are generally healthy and have a little cash in the bank, but want something to fall back on if there are huge emergencies (like cancer, bad accident, etc).
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