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Re: Dear DH... pick less expensive things to bribe with!

After my son was going #1 regularly for 6 months he still was hiding to #2 in his underwear 80% of the time... he was over 4... After DH had to clean him up one day when I was out with friends, he went and bought a remote controlled truck ($40), showed the boy how it worked and put it up in the bathroom saying, "You can only have this as long as you are going poo in the potty, if you choose your pants you can't play with it until you poo in the potty again" And it worked! We only had to put it away 2 times before he chose to use the potty all the time-

So maybe that would work with the doll- "It is your's as long as you go potty in the potty, but if you have an "oops" it goes away until you use the potty properly"
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