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Re: Hooked on phonics help

We have the newer version with the DVDs and an older version with the CDs (we actually have an even older version that has basically the same thing as the CDs on cassette well.. I have bits and pieced it together)

What we do is we watch the DVD section that covers that sound so like level 2 lesson 1 is ummm CH?? I'm going by memory. I also think some TH is there, but we moved that to be with the other TH lesson (I markered it into the lesson book where I want it). So anyway, we watch the DVD which sounds just like the CD but the kids can SEE the words too. This has been a BIG help to my struggling reader!!!! He hated the CD, really really hated it, and until the DVD came into our life he really hated all things HOP. Anyway, after we watch the video we go into the "lesson book" and read the word list. Sometimes we can do 2 or 3 pages in the book, if it has a short story we will do it. If it is a book that it says to do, then I save the book for the next day. We stay on a lesson up to a week before we start a new one. We go through the sight word cards, but really don't use the sound cards. As the lessons get harder we very well may use the sound cards, but for now we don't.

I don't know how well I could handle borrowing from the library. I could only have it for 6 weeks here at most, less if someone else wants it. You can find it cheaply used on Ebay.

ETA, I use the new DVDs with the old books. I like those books much better, but the new DVD set comes with workbooks that are ok too, and we do use those from time to time as "busy work" to free me up and reinforce.
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