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Re: When do you start planning for the next "year"

Okay, okay, I obviously should have left in my blurb about knowing that many of us have long term plans. I know many, if not most of us do. I do too. But, each year I still have to buy for the next year and when I do, I have to figure out exactly what I need and where I want to get it (new or used or whatever).

I took the blub out because I was trying to shorten my OP. But, I know many people have a long term plan.

I guess I meant, if you have a plan, when do you start to think about buying and if you don't have plan, when do you plan? Am I nuts for starting to look for things and plan now? Even though I have a general plan (sticking with MFW), I research the specific grade level I'm looking for each year. So far anyway....we are only in 1st.

Oh and we HS year round too. That's why I said, not necessarily a year, but the next level. We will probably be changing late spring or early summer this year. Last year we started 1st in Mid-July.
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