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Re: Wool Interlock Longies

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
Why is interlock so expensive?
I pay over $30/yd for the wool. Prepping it takes over eight hours and then I actively work over the dye pot for over three hours. There is quite a bit of cost involved in the supplies for dyeing and the gas/electric/water to dye as well.

I "make" less than half of minimum wage after expenses are accounted for. I'd be far better off working at the McDonald's down the street if I was trying to make money!

The nice thing about wool, though, is that just a couple pieces can really get you far. Because they can be worn so many times in between washing/relanolizing, you can get by with only two or three good pieces. We have used interlock during the day and at night. It works well in hot weather and cold weather. Interlock is sturdy and durable. I really enjoy what I do and that makes it worthwhile!
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