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Re: When do you start planning for the next "year"

Originally Posted by foggierbard9 View Post
We are about 1/3 of the way through K and I am starting to look at 1st grade stuff now. I know that we won't be buying until Spring(because MFW1 will be the new edition then), but I want to have a good estimate on cost for everything as soon as I can, and then I can look for used and such for what we are going to use.
I'm totally bummed. We did K last year and the new edition came out in the spring as we were finishing up. We are doing 1st this year and the new edition is coming out as we are going to be finishing up. I know the K changes were good, but I wasn't as bummed as I am about the 1st. The changes to 1st look REALLY good. I really wish they had done all this one year earlier for us. Why didn't they call me and ask when we would be doing K and 1st?

Oh well, I'll be upgrading my manuals to use with my younger kids.
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