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Foot scooter for a new 5 yr old?

My nephew is turning 5. I asked him today what he wants for his birthday (which is in a week) and he said he wanted a skateboard. His daddy said no, LOL (funny, because his daddy was a little dare devil as a kid himself).

So I asked about a skateboard with a handlebar and nephew said that would be cool too. Daddy ok'ed it, so I'm planning to get him one. He has a helmet already, and my mom is going to buy him a set of knee and elbow pads for his birthday as well.

So, scooter rec's? He'd really like a green one, but I'm not seeing a lot of options on amazon so I'm hoping maybe target or somewhere will have more options. We have every store available to us, big city. Are the scooters all about the same?
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