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Re: Allergies/Elecare?

I could have written pretty much all of that. Silent reflux, milk allergy, weight loss/dropping off the chart for months...all of it. We had to up his Zantac doseage weekly (is is VERY weight sensitive) and he hit the maximum within 1 month of being on it. Once he was at the max and it stopped working, we switched to Prevacid. It made a huge difference in him. So if the new Zantac doseage does not work, ask for Prevacid!

Nutramigen seemed to work for a while, but once we switched to Neocate (the equivalent of Elecare), he did a lot better. Some babies just can't handle even the broken down milk proteins in the hypo-allergenic formulas. I'm betting Elecare will work wonders for your little girl!

My son has done great on Neocate. He was even able to go off of the reflux meds at 9 months! And he slowly worked his way back onto the chart. He stays in like the 3rd percentile, but he's staying on there! He is 14 months old now and doing really well. He still cannot do any dairy at all. We hope that he'll outgrow the allergy, but as of right now, he has not. We have done NO allergy testing. His ped (who is awesome with food allergies) does not do allergy testing until 3 years old.

Anyway, Virginia WIC will cover Elecare and also Neocate. You just need the doctor to fill out the form, which takes 2 seconds (just like with the Alimentum). Up to 1 year, mine got 8 cans per month. He gets 6 cans per month now (but they can override it and still do 8 if need be). You will likely need more than that, but it is a HUGE help, as I'm sure you know.

I hope you can get some relief for your little girl soon! Keep us updated!
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