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Re: When do you start planning for the next "year"

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
hmm...let me find you a link....At the top of this page. Click on "learn more"
that sounds awesome. I knew they were upgrading, and figured it would be I'm bummed we're already doing 1st! Although at the rate we're going now we'll still be able to get the new manual and use some of it by spring! I'm hoping we'll speed up after we take Keegan to the opotmetrist though.

As far as planning...we're already looking into stuff for next year. I haven't researched as much as I'd like yet, but I am beginning to look into things. We're not even a third of the way into MFW 1st yet. I will probably start buying any materials I plan to get used around the 1st of the year, but I probably won't get my curric package (will purchase new, from MFW) until we go to the homeschooling convention in April.
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