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Originally Posted by lrgs
Well actually, now that you mention it, I probably just preferred the one size because I had leaks with the size 1 when she was a newborn (just when she was new.......after she chunked up a bit they were fine and if I put the insert on top of the pocket, they were fine). So maybe I would have liked the sized as well but I didn't try the sized version in size 2. I just got OS because they worked and have a decent re-sale here. I'm not sure about the low rise.....I do know that in my local cloth diapering group there are lots of mamas who love these and they fit well on a wide variety of babies. I've heard many people say they like the way they fit on thin babies but Ainsley was a chubbers and I loved how gentle they were on her tummy and thighs.
They sound great! Now off to find some USA retailers that sell them with free shipping!

(there are none on the FSOT. Always a good sign
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