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Re: Spoiled kids of the 80s?

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
I find very little value in comparing children from different decades. Its like apples and oranges. And its kind of lame to try and label someone based on their birthday. Why not judge each person on their own merits? I was born in 81 and spoiled as a young child. Since this is some kind of indicator i had tons of cabbage patch dolls and even now i didnt realize that they were a big deal. Its not like they are $100 american girl dolls. Anyway my uncle worked in toy sales and so i got one every year for xmas and my bday.

I hate the word entitlement
Me too! Especially when people mean SELF-entitlement. We should respect other people's entitlements. They are entitled to them.

And on another tangential note: Someone said my daughter looked like a cabbage patch doll. I had never seen one before and assumed it was a compliment. Then I googled them when I read this thread and now I am steaming with fury.

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