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Re: Allergies/Elecare?

Thank you! It helps so much to hear others stories. It just worries me that she went from 40th percentile in weight a month ago to 10th!

So now I have another question - way TMI - about baby poop. So today her poop was a total curveball for me. It's still got mucus but not as much. But now there are black flecks in it. And also, do you recall the 'seedy' newborn poop stage? It has some of that seedy white chunks in it. Should I call the GI or wait and see for a few days? She's been on elecare since Thursday late afternoon. My friend said perhaps she was just such a mess that the elecare is cleaning her out? The only good thing I can think of is that she's only had one poopy diaper today as opposed to the 2-4 she had been having.
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