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Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?

thank you all!!

my baby just turned 5 months old. if i could manage to pump on one side while he nurses on the other, i would be afraid it would leave him hungry. we just got over a low supply issue and it was terrible. would it just mean nursing more often? or should i not go that route being my body has not been so quick to supply on demand?

i will definitely be bringing my pump along! any ideas that would allow me to keep my milk on the go? i will be traveling and shopping the whole time, so there wouldnt be any refrigeration avail and it would have to be something that could fit into, lets say, a backpack.

unfortunately, no donors avail. where i live breast pumps dont even really exist and even if someone would want to hand express.. most dont have refrigerators to keep it in anyway.

i am going to try a bottle of formula out today to see how he takes it. i think i will wait on the mixing to save the few precious ounces i do have for my babysitter to use the day i am gone if necessary.

i know this post is becoming kinda complicated, but any tips on breast massage? i do it, but i kinda just wing it.. im sure i can learn from all of you lovely, well experienced mothers out there
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