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Gifts for on the go kiddos?

I have no clue what to get ds1 & ds2; 3 1/2 & 18 months for Christmas. They are busy; constantly climbing! They'd rather bang on things or climb than sit & play. If we build with their big cardboard blocks I have to help. Ds2 still won't play alone.
Grandma will be getting them those bouncing bulls. I've been considering the lily pad trampoline; but we are in a small two bedroom apartment with no balcony. Meaning- we would have to give up our dining table for it (which I don't mind) but I will have no where to "hide" it when they get rediculous about using it. :/ ds1 has a trike. They love being outside... I'm at a loss! I'd love something to keep their attention for a bit.... (Ds1 will play my iPhone all day; so I know he'd live a leap pad, but I do not want him playing it all day; & he'll tantrum if he can't, so I want to minimize on that...)
Any ideas?! Oh- or suggestions for hotwheels ramps? He loves his car but the one pricy set we bought did not hold up at all!
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