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Re: Single mom of 4, anyone else?

I am a single mom of 4, but I am in a relationship with an amazing man who is extremely supportive and we have just moved in together and blended our families. BUT - for 2 years, I was on my own with my 4. My ex-husband and I split when our children were 6mo, 3yrs, 5yrs, 7yrs. (We had actually been separated for a year during our third child's infancy, so I have always been alone with an infant and toddlers. lol) My ex-husband does not have parental rights to our children so I have not had any support from him or from his family. It was a really difficult two years, and I look back and wonder when I ever slept - I had gone back to college and finished right before my ex and I split 3 years ago. I worked a ton of overtime. It has all paid off and I have now purchased my first home - on my own, with no child support. It has been quite a journey. Feel free to PM me whenever you need encouragement!!
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