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Originally Posted by mommabritt

How do you feel he got off easy? He wasn't offered a retest option, and he was given an administrative referral for a first offense. None if that is part of the policy.
The admin referral was a warning. Even if it does go on his record it means nothing unless he starts a habit if it. Imo having to do a retest is more of a punishment.

Maybe it is because my kids are older but i see this as something very minor that i wouldn't bring up to the teacher or admin. You talked with him, his teacher and principal talked with him. Imo that's where it ends. Will he do it again - most likely not.

If there is a communication issue or you feel he needs an iep that is a separate issue that i would being up. Having an iep wouldn't change what happened. If you feel he needs one but the teacher won't start it then go to the principal and if you have to school board.
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