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Re: Is this charge fair? (dr office)

Originally Posted by misskira View Post
I think there should be DIY consults. I can hold my kid down and tweeze him or wrap string around a skin tag. But if i did it myself i would probably be turned in for medical neglect to dhs or some crap like that. Things are getting out of hand.

I took ds2 in for a foot rash. I called the nurse asking if it could be athletes foot, and if nit fungal is safe for a toddler. I told her it wasn't hand, foot and mouth because it looks nothing like that rash, no pain and no other symptoms. Of course she had me bring him into be sure, but my doc was full so I saw another docs substitute. She looked at it, asked if I was a first time mom, and said his shoes are bothering him. Um, no. He hardly wears shoes and he's had these shoes for 3 months now. Rash appeared 2 weeks ago. She told me to try antifungal if I was so concerned. Which is what I called the nurse for. Then she lectures me on my "overly caution vaccination schedule." which my doc fully supports and has my kids fully vaxed by 4 years old. The visit was $275, lasted 5 minutes, 4 of which were me defending my parenting skills and medical choices.
Oh my I TOTALLY agree with the above bolded and underlined part. I think it's a great idea.

It would never, ever, EVER work in our sue-happy society, where people sue over everything they possibly can.....

But overall, I think it is such a fantastic idea. ... and I totally agree ppl are getting really nutso and out of hand with the whole "child abuse" thing. EVERYTHING is becoming "abusive" somehow, or "neglectful". It's disturbing.
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