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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
no there was no un-announcement. I'm just starting to rethink some things and I would LOVE to have another but I can't deal with the stress...If I get rid of it, then maybe something will happen.
I'm still sending baby dust your way.

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
Lol! Logan just ran up to me butt naked, wrapped in a baby blanket, holding a piece of yarn and said "I'm Cat Woman! I gotta whip!"
Hahaha! I tell DH about the sagas of superbad sometimes, we take comfort in the fact that Pi is not alone in his absolutely insane boyish antics. He was in tears over this one and said "yup, that would so be Pi"

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
those that store their yarn on you store them open air or are they in bags?
Depends. If I think it's going to be a while before I knit it, usually plastic. A lot of my handspun stays open, because I knit through it pretty fast. Most of my stash is fiber though. Fiber I keep varying, superwash can be open, non superwash is usually bagged but VERY LOOSELY, it's all on shelves in the closet where it's dark and protected from animal hair etc.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
yeah All of mine are stored in ziplocs in totes. Just thinking about rearranging my sewing room and wanting to get more shelves to store my yarn in. Maybe I'll keep them in their bags and get bins to put on the shelves.

something like this:
That's what I have that my yarn stays in, I have some totes or crates pushed into that.

Midwife appt went well. They found a heartbeat right away, in the 150s again. She asked about movement, which I have felt today, and I said it was much less regular than with Pixie. She said it was placenta related and not to worry much, which of course is silly to tell a prego mama not to worry! But whatever. She wants my ultrasound done around 18 weeks, ONLY THREE WEEKS AWAY!!!!! So they can have the results in before Christmas, and we'll go over them at my next visit right after Christmas. She also asked me to get just one lab done, and said I could do both at one trip to the hospital so it wouldn't be so much hassle.

I'm very excited to be so close to the anatomy scan! We had a nice lunch out with BIL & SIL. I definitely need to get cracking on my sewing and holiday knits though so I can be knitting squishy baby stuff in THREE WEEKS!
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