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Re: Help with 7yo school issue?

I don't use the PS system, but I thought I'd offer my POV anyway. Disregard if it's not helpful. I have a 7 year old with some learning issues. We HS, and I've been able to work with her in different ways to help her, and I've never told her she's not smart/behind/ect. And yet, she knows she struggles. It is HARD for her. Especially writing and spelling. She would never be able to pass a 20 word spelling test. And writing the words 7 times wouldn't help her learn to spell them. It's just not how her brain works. She wants SO badly to do well, she wants SO badly to be able to spell correctly. She gets so frustrated when she writes and has to fix her mistakes. I can only imagine the pressure she would feel if she were made to test, keep up with writing the words quickly, and KNOW she wasn't doing well. I don't know that she would figure out how to cheat, but IF she had the opportunity, I think she would. And she is a very honest, hard working, overall awesome kid. Her desire to do good and please her teacher would outweigh her ability to resist the 'help'. I do not believe she has a character flaw at all, and, from what you've said about your son, I don't believe he does either. When kiddos have LD, it is SO hard for them to feel like they are coming up short or failing at something AGAIN.
I don't have any advice about what to do in this situation specifically, (although I do agree is was harsher that needed) but I'd definitely try for an IEP again. If it gets him the individual help he needs, he won't feel like he has to cheat to keep up. Plus, his teacher will have to abide by the IEP as well. I hope you find a good solution.
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