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Alva, Coolababy, GMD Workhorse, Thirsties, Kawaii

Red Edge GMD Workhorse fitteds. One has rip in between the snaps, but does not effect the use of the diaper. $8ppd for that one, $9ppd for the other. $16ppd for both.

Alva diapers, $7 each with no insert. Bamboo or blend insert can be included for additional $1. $42ppd for all 8 or $50 with inserts

Thirsties Size 1 covers. $7 each or $12ppd for both. These were not used by me so I don't know how long they were used, aplix is fuzzy but still works completely fine.

Sunbaby size 2. $7ppd, no insert. Can include bamboo or blend alva insert for $1


Coolababy bamboo charcoal double gusset pockets. $8 each, includes 1 bamboo charcoal insert. $30ppd for all 4

My Little Legs, new in package. $4ppd each, 2 for $7ppd


Thirsties Size 2 AIO. Used maybe 5 or 6 times, $9ppd

Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter, new in package. Includes 2 thick microfiber inserts. $9ppd

Kawaii pocket diapers, $7ppd each, no inserts. Each used once, Kawaii just doesn't fit my son well!
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