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Re: My flats aren't square - help!

I think it is a cross between the kite fold and the airplane. I honestly can't remember.

I fold the short end in until my flat is square then bring that side in to the center like when making an airplane. One corner where the fabric folds is the point. I move the other end of the fold. I'm sorry I dont't think I am making much sense. The folded part winds up in the center of the diaper. Then the other side. Then I fold the wide too down and the bottom point up to the size I need. This leaves the bottom wide enough to do a jelly roll. I also find I need to make the back even with my sons bellybutton to help prevent leaks up the back. Also once on I tuck a bit of the back down to create a small barrier for the poop.

I guess it would actually be the airplane fold. Just make an airplane till the last wing fold making sure the part you folded in to make the square is in the center. Fold the top down to make it neat and bring the point up to make it as long as you would like it.

When adding extra absorption I find it best to add under the final folds or it doesn't allow for an effective jelly roll.
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