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Re: Is there such a thing as a nice way to...

Originally Posted by seeinstarrz View Post
...tell your inlaws to quit feeding your children junk food?

My 4.5 yo DD was there today and I was told she had:

four chocolate doughnuts
chocolate chip muffin
fruit snacks

and to drink she had just juice (the "contains 10% juice" kind) and a glass of soda. She was only there from about 8-4. I kind of want to scream but somehow I need to make it clear that this isn't acceptable...

Was this all they fed her? Did they give her any food not entirely made of sugar? If she had some good meals in there, I wouldn't be too mad, but if this is all she ate, something has to be said. I'd just be straight forward and say that you understand that part of being a grandparent is spoiling the grandchildren, but you would really appreciate it if they attempted to balance out the bad with some healthier stuff too - like even a glass of milk with the oreos.
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