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Originally Posted by CarrieMF
She said the request had to come from the teacher so that's why I said that. Though that does sound odd & I thought that in the US if you requested in writing they HAD 30 days to do it. I am guessing this may be a private school though.
She does have to be a part of the IEP meeting and has to recommend it or not recommend it. She has to agree that he needs the IEP in order to har admin agree that he needs it. In our district there are so many children who are higher needs that those who fall lower on the totem pole are denied. It is sad but there are just not enough resources available for middle of the road kids here.
Originally Posted by luvsviola
I was kinda wondering the same thing. The teacher not having email is just unusual to me. But I also exist in a public school world and we have 1200 kids at one of my schools and 4000 at the other, so we get A LOT of email every day. We also do a lot of CYA, so we do a lot of parent contact and document it all.

OP--what type of school does your child attend?
It is public, and on the schools site, you can go to a contact link where they have the teacher listed. From there you can get their preferred method of communication, which in this case is the school office number and a message left to please call. I would love email. Although something like this could go sour in a world where theres no tone of voice. Kwim? Phone or in person is probably better to get my point across.
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