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Re: Is there such a thing as a nice way to...

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
Was this all they fed her? Did they give her any food not entirely made of sugar? If she had some good meals in there, I wouldn't be too mad, but if this is all she ate, something has to be said. I'd just be straight forward and say that you understand that part of being a grandparent is spoiling the grandchildren, but you would really appreciate it if they attempted to balance out the bad with some healthier stuff too - like even a glass of milk with the oreos.
Well, for lunch she DID get some green beans with her chicken nuggets. Not sure if that is enough to negate the rest of it, though...but it's something, right?

This isn't the first time this has concerned me - they do the same thing with their dog. They have a mini dachshund who is BEYOND morbidly obese (I think she's like 22lbs?) and they continuously feed her table scraps. FIL gives her ice cream nightly and often her treat is a plate of cottage cheese. She cannot get up and down stairs anymore, it's very sad. I don't want my kids to end up like that poor dog! I love my inlaws, they are great people and having them help us with childcare on the weekends is extremely helpful....but they are very unhealthy eaters, and it really bothers me that the sweets and treats are being pushed on to my kids now.
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