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Re: Insurance doesn't cover prenatal or maternity care...what are my options?

Originally Posted by togetherinthelandofoz View Post
For us, the c/s would be out of pocket but other medical issues not directly connected to the pregnancy would be covered by our policy. Once baby is born it is covered on the policy for any medical needsnicu/nicu
Just wanted to suggest you double check on this to be sure. I am currently 6 mos pg and DH is changing jobs in the next 2-3 months, which will require us to purchase private health insurance. We will most likely just pay for COBRA until after I have the baby (our current plan does have maternity coverage) and then move onto a different plan after delivery, but the companies I spoke to told me that the baby was not eligible for coverage until she had reached 30 days of age. So, if she were to be born Feb 1., they would not cover her until March 1. The 2 companies I spoke to were also very clear that NOTHING pregnancy-related would be covered, any hospital or surgery bills that arose due to complications were our responsibility.

This may vary from company to company, but you definitely want to be sure that you know the details of the coverage inside and out before you make a decision!
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