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Most likely it will be Tuesday. The last two times I've called her she has called back the next day. I will definitely update.

I should add... I spoke with my friend tonight who is also a second grade teacher at the same school and she was appalled that I received no call and his referral was an office referral (I guess there are teacher referrals also that stay between teacher and parent). She said she would have kept him in at recess, had him retest and offered a grade lower as a result as well as called me to discuss after school. There would have been no referral, certainly not an office one (which is more serious) and it would have been done and dealt with. In regard to the principal not contacting me, she said there is the possibility that she would have assumed the teacher had done it, since she'd already taken the step to refer him to her. Se should have checked but I digress. She didn't have anything to say in regards to his teacher as she doesn't know her personally (this is his teachers first year here). She recommended that I call her, tell her what I know, ask for her side, explain the consequences he received at home and that I feel the referral was out of order. I can tell her that I was disappointed in the lack of communication about his recent behavior and this situation on top of that. I should be clear that I am to get a call if behaviors continue so that I can deal with it accordingly. If she neglects to continue communication then I should go over her to the principal at that point. I am also not required to sign the referral, which I will not do at this point. We shall see but I'm sure they'll have something to say about that or tell DS he can't have recess until its signed. I refuse to sign something I disagree with on principle.
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