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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

Originally Posted by iceeholic View Post
I absolutely hate when there is a required gratuity. We are a big family and most times the service is not worth the gratuity because they know they will get it no matter how they wait on us. If the service is really bad I will even argue with management to have it taken off and if they refuse then I let them know we will not return. We at out on our daughters birthday and they counted our infant as a person just so they could get the gratuity .. Yeah that didn't fly with us and we refused it. She would have gotten a better tip if she had just waited on us properly instead of counting on it. She was not a good waitress to us.

I do not think you should have tipped more than 18%. I feel that is more than sufficient if there was nothing exceptional about the service. If the server goes above and beyond we might tip 20% but no more than that. I would let the manager know she was complaining about it. That could really turn off future business and he would not want that either.
To the bolded - We had that happen when DS was about 6 months old. We went to a buffet with a big group of DH's friends, and I got ONE slice of peach, and a few peas for DS to eat since he was learning to self feed. They charged us a full buffet price for DS "since he ate". Yeah...needless to say, that didn't happen, and in addition to really bad service, the person that should have received a HUGE tip from our table received nothing.

If 18% was automatically included, we wouldn't have added any additional tip, especially just for "okay" service.
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