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Re: Crochet Baby Doll - Thoughts Needed - New Pics Added

great bunch of comments! I'm looking for a doll for my son (just turned a year) to have like his big sister. for me, might be a bit too expensive. Love the idea of 2 versions- one for younger (like my son) and one older-- with tuft hair, accessories, etc. I like the sewn on eyes, hair was a great idea (sewn on, not tufts, as someone else mentioned). I'm torn on the legs- could go either way. DH and I were just talking tonight about getting him a doll for the holidays. He's got plenty of rough and tumble stuff- needs something he can hug, IMO. So that's my frame of reference. We have all girls dolls for my daughter. Planning on getting boy dolls of some type for both kids.
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